Plasma Cleaning of Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's)

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Atmospheric plasma and Vacuum Plasmas are a mixture of both charged particles and neutrals (atoms, radicals & molecules) and can react with a wide range of materials. Plasmas are widely used for the cleaning of surfaces, removing organic contamination from PCB's.

Plasma Cleaning is a "Dry" cleaning process and can replace environmentally damaging chemicals and primers. Plasma is ideal for the surface cleaning and removal of organic residues or oxidation from surfaces of PCB's before Bonding, Sealing, Potting and the application of Conformal Coatings.


Atmospheric Plasma is a great way of cleaning printed circuit boards prior to bonding, sealing, potting etc.

Plasma cleaning offers a wide range of advantages including:

• Clean and dry process.
• Uniform and reproducible process.
• Fast and effective treatment.
• Clean room compatibility.
• Totally controlled process environment.
• Versatile equipment.
• Low energy consumption.
• Low operating cost.
• Easy to integrate into production facility.
• Easy to use.
• Envirnonmentally friendly.

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Our technical support team will be delighted to conduct a no obligation, free of charge process evaluation on your products. Simply send us a sample of your parts and we will evaluate the available surface treatment technologies and return treated parts to you for evaluation.

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