Surface Treatment Services : Contract Treating using Plasma and Corona Treatment Equipment

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Located in Lichfield close to the M6 in the heart of the West Midlands, Dyne Technology supports customers during the R&D or start-up phase of production by providing a sub-contract surface treating service.

Our experience and expertise in the field of Plasma and Corona surface treatment gives us a unique advantage in processing your parts and achieving the specified level of treatment. We are well equipped to support our customers from a wide range of industries including Automotive, Medical Device Manufacture, Plastic Extrusion, Electrical Cable, Building Products, Print, Converting & Packaging, Motor Sport, Aerospace and Communications equipment manufacture to name but a few.

Our core Surface Treatment services include Plasma Surface Modification, Plasma Surface Cleaning and Corona Surface Modification of small runs of components that require surface modification prior to bonding, coating, painting and printing.


Dyne Technology's surface modification treating services are designed to assist our customers who have problems achieving good adhesion.

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