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Dyne Technology Engineers have prepared a standard training course covering theoretical and hands-on training in surface treatment and surface measurement utilising our wide range of Plasma Treating, Corona Treating and Surface Measurement Technologies.

Dyne Technology Ltd has established a Training Facility at its Lichfield site.  Providing training courses for customers and distributors this reinforces our commitment to be more than a supplier, but also a Technical Partner of the Surface Treatment Industry.

Realise the full benefits of your equipment, reduce production costs and increase employee motivation through professional training.


Standard Course Title:  Plasma and Corona Surface Treatment

Custom courses can also be prepared to customer requirements and can be run onsite or offsite throughout the year. 

For more information on the training course please click here or download the pdf above.

Click to read our eBook: Dyne Technology Services

The Dyne Technology Centre has a well equipped laboratory hosting all the latest equipment in Plasma treatment, Corona treatment, Surface Energy Measurement testing and has a modern, comfortable training room.

Please click on the Plasma and Corona Training Course pdf above to open further training course information or contact us and we will email you the information.

Our Training Course Registration Form can be found here

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