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With over 30 years of supplying solutions to call upon, Dyne Technology is rightly recognised as the No.1 choice for Surface modification and Surface measurement equipment for use in the Life Science device manufacturing industry. We offer the widest choice of high performance "State of the Art" surface treatment and measurement technologies including:

• Vacuum Plasma
• Atmospheric Plasma
• Low frequency Corona
• High Frequency Corona
• Contact Angle Measurement Tensiometers
• Surface energy test pens & solutions
• Adhesion testing equipment

We have been called upon to supply solutions to surface treat and measure a growing range of applications.  We offer a first class consultancy service to the life sciences industry using our well equipped applications laboratory in Lichfield, Staffordshire covering Plasma & Corona Surface Modification and Surface Measurement.  Dyne Technology's consultancy service is designed to assist our customers with process development, process improvement or who have problems achieving good adhesion.

Click to read our eBooks:  Atmospheric Plasma, Corona Treatment, Dyne Technology Services, Surface Energy Testing, Vacuum Plasma

Our technical support team will be delighted to conduct a no obligation, free of charge process evaluation on your products. Simply send us a sample of your parts and we will evaluate the available surface treatment technologies and return treated parts to you for evaluation.

Please contact us to find out how Dyne Technology can help you or to request a quote.

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