Surface Measurement Equipment for Dyne Testing

Measurement Equipment allows you to optimise the performance of your investment. Dyne Technology offers a range of surface measurement equipment including Dyne Test Pens, Dyne Test Fluids, Optical Tensiometers, Contact Angle Meters, Bresle Test Kits, Adhesion Testers and more.

Once you have invested in a surface modification or automation system from Dyne Technology, you will want to make sure that you receive the best possible return from your investment.

Total support means higher gains for you.

We offer high performance surface measurement systems to help you achieve higher quality. Above all we provide peace of mind that you will have equipment that you can rely on to give you the high quality you and your customers demand.

Quality Control is an investment.

Dyne Technology delivers a wide range of quality control and measurement equipment, from Dyne Pens, Dyne Test Solutions and Drawdown Test Equipment to High performance Contact Angle units that allow you to optimise the performance of your investment.

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We also offer a wider range of Surface Measurement & Testing Equipment on our Dyne Testing website


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