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Theta Optical Tensiometer - for  Contact Angle Measurement Theta Lite Optical Tensiometer - for Contact Angle Measurement
  • Theta Optical Tensiometer - for  Contact Angle Measurement
  • Theta Lite Optical Tensiometer - for Contact Angle Measurement

Dyne Technology offers a range of Contact Angle Meters for surface energy testing of films or solid substrates. Rugged and simple-to-use the Theta and Theta Lite Contact Angle Meters offer highly repeatable QC and analytical tool for measuring the contact angle on a variety of substrates.

Contact Angle Measurement is the preferred and most accurate method of much vital laboratory measurement and research for determining the interactions at the solid/gas/liquid interface. The Contact Angle Meter is an ideal industrial or academic tool for product development engineers, R & D engineers who need precision and repeatability. Contact Angle Measurement combines high technology test instrumentation and a non-destructive testing method to allow an accurate, objective and repeatable analysis to be made. Using the contact angle meter you can compare the effects of a range of surface treatments and gather data that correlates to various surface conditions e.g. lubricity, wettability, surface energy etc.

What is Contact Angle?
The contact angle is the angle at which the liquid/solid/air interface meets the solid surface. When a liquid droplet is set onto a smooth homogeneous horizontal surface, it may spread out over substrate and the contact angle will approach zero if complete wetting takes place. Conversely, if wetting is partial, the resulting contact angle reaches equilibrium in the range of the material's surface energy. The smaller the contact angle the greater the wettability or surface energy of the substrate is said to be. Contact angle is a good measure of surface wettability.

The Theta and ThetaLite are optical tensiometers for highly accurate and easy measurements of:

• Wettability
• Surface tension
• Interfacial tension
• Contact angles
• Absorption
• Surface free energy
• Adsorption
• Spreading
• Cleanliness
• Surface heterogeneity
• Interfacial rheology

Measuring with the Theta
Theta can measure static and dynamic contact angles, static and semi-dynamic surface/interfacial tension, surface free energy and drop. The available drop profiles are: sessile drop, pendant drop, receding contact angle, tilting drop, advancing contact angle, captive bubble, meniscus and reverse pendant drop.

For more information on the Theta range of contact angle meters, please click on the Relevant Product link above or contact us to find out how Dyne Technology can help you and to request a quote.

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