Tensiometers for taking surface measurements including contact angle and surface tension

Contact Angle Meter Dyne Technology Tensiometer - Easy to use, high precision instrument that is flexible, versitile and accurate.
  • Contact Angle Meter Dyne Technology
  • Tensiometer - Easy to use, high precision instrument that is flexible, versitile and accurate.

The Sigma 701 is a multipurpose tensiometer based on the successful Sigma 700 but now equipped with a more sensitive microbalance optimised for a different range of applications. The basic Tensiometer can be up-graded to fully-equipped R&D workhorse to cover many of the mass-based methods you might need.

You can run two dispensers simultaneously for CMC measurements and the high resolution balance make it possible to measure single fibres only a few microns in diameter. An ideal tool for those looking for a high performance with high resolution, user-friendly, standard tensiometer as well as for anyone looking for exacting performance and precision in high end applications requiring resolution higher than that traditionally available.

Key features:
• Large working space; wide opening doors
• Dispenser and inert gas ports
• LED illumination of measuring compartment
• Built in stirrer, no moving parts, no magnetic field during measurement
• Built in connectors for temperature and pH sensors
• Auto-locking and auto-calibrating microbalance
• Static charge eliminator
• High speed/extended length movement of sample stage
• Small and light measuring capability (e.g. single fibres)
• Thermal separation space between balance and measuring compartment
• Removable measuring compartment for customised future measuring options such as Langmuir studies, high temperature applications, bursting membrane tests and X-Y sample positioning
• Enlarged pull-down sub-window for on-line viewing of selected data
• Optional synchronised dual dispenser software for dilution CMC measurements of highly concentrated solutions.

Available Measurements
• Static surface tension
• Static interfacial tension
• Density
• Dynamic contact angle
• Surface free energy
• Wettability
• Automatic critical micelle concentration

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