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News release from: Dyne Technology Ltd

Release date: April 2006


Corona treatment of needle hubs.


Dyne Technology Ltd announces the UK launch of a new Corona Treatment unit specifically designed to Corona treat plastic needle hubs for hypodermic syringes and meet the high demands of the medical device industry for corona treating.

The system called “NeedleTEC”, manufactured by Tantec A/S and available in the UK through Dyne Technology Ltd, is the answer to bonding and leakage problems experienced by many medical device manufacturers. Corona treating of a needle hub increases its surface wettability and improves its adhesion properties offering a much stronger bond between the plastic needle hub and the hypodermic needle.

Corona treatment of needle hubs has the effect of increasing the tensile strength of the assembled hubs and needles to a very high level making it one of the most commonly used and effective methods of surface preparation. Typically, untreated hubs have tensile strengths of between 18-25N, whereas, after Corona treatment the treated hubs achieve tensile strengths up to 75N.

The station from Dyne Technology Ltd is an integrated Corona treatment system designed to cope with the high speeds of high performance needle assembly lines. The corona treatment systems ability to treat difficult to access hub recesses makes this an easy to use system and a safe treatment solution for needle hubs. The stations integrated electrode system can handle the vast majority of existing plastic or stainless steel jigs and fixtures used on assembly lines today.

To provide 100% control over the entire process, a unique computerized Electrode Surveillance System can be added to ensure that every needle hub has been exposed to the Corona treatment process.

The station is a compact, self contained, tabletop Corona treating system that includes a microprocessor controlled generator, transformer, electrode assembly and ozone filter. Normally the unit would be installed prior to the adhesive applicator station.  

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Contact Information:

Phone:    +44 (0) 1543 411460
Fax:        +44 (0) 1543 415140
Post:        Dyne Technology Ltd, Newton House, 5 Parkside Court, Greenhough Road, Lichfield, Staffordshire, WS13 7FE, United Kingdom.
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