Pull-Off Adhesion Tester

  • The Automatic Adhesion Tester
  • The Manual Adhesion Tester

Adhesion Testers
The Hydraulic Adhesion Tester or Pull Off Adhesion Tester measures with ease and precision the adhesion bond strength of applied coatings. It is one of the most accurate & versatile manual adhesion testers available today.

The adhesion is measured by the tensile pull on a Dolly glued to the coating surface. The force is applied through the centre of the Dolly by a hydraulically loaded pin ensuring an exact central point loading of the force. Adhesion values are recorded by a pressure gauge giving a 1:1 pressure reading.

This testing equipment offers effective quality control with a non-destructive capability and can be tested on both external & internal surfaces of pipes.

Supplied with 5 Flat Dollies, Adhesive, Dolly Remover & Carrying Case. Complies with ISO 8780-5, ISO 787/16, ASTM D 332 & ASTM D 387

Versions available:     Standard Version 0 – 2600 psi
                                Right-angled Version 0 – 2600 psi

Measures adhesion of coatings to metal, wood, concrete and other rigid substrates.
Revolutionary self alignment feature and pull rate indicator.

Conforms to national and international standards including ISO 4624/16276-1 and others.

Measures the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure.

Now available in 2 models – Manual or Automatic

The Automatic Unit features an electronically controlled hydraulic pump which automatically applies smooth and continuous pull-off pressure at a user-specified rate.

The Manual Unit features a heavy-duty manual hydraulic pump designed to apply smooth and continuous pull-off pressure with a single stroke.

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