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  • Corona Board & Foam Treater
  • Corona Board & Foam Treater
  • Corona Board & Foam Treater

Corona Treatment of Board and Foam Sheets

The purpose of surface treatment of polymer based materials is to increase surface wettability through electrical discharge. The low surface energy of polymer based substrates often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings. To obtain optimum adhesion, it is necessary to increase the surface energy of the substrate to just above that of the material to be applied. Surface treatment with Corona results in improved surface adhesion properties.

With over 30 years of experience to call upon Dyne Technology offers a wide range of “State of the Art” corona treaters developed by Tantec specifically for the treatment of foam, board, thick materials e.g.  expanded PE, PP, PS and PVC foam boards (EPE/EPP/EPS/EPVC), as well as a large variety of expanded and corrugated plastic boards.

We offer a unique solution that solves the traditional problems associated with surface treating these thick materials.

Our experience covers an ever widening range of applications including:
•    Surface preparation before adhesive application
•    Surface preparation before laminating
•    Surface preparation before painting
•    Surface preparation before bonding
•    Surface activation prior to printing

Key features:

High voltage/low intensity discharge:     Materials up to 50mm thick can be treated
   No ozone created inside cavities e.g. Correx.
   No ozone released at cutting station.
 Accurate power control:   Allows accurate treatment at slow extrusion speeds
   Low intensity discharge
 Special dielectric       Allows treating right to the edge of the material
   Eliminates need for edge trimming (No material waste)
   No pin-holing when treating open cell foams
   Long dielectric life (low wear)
   Individual sheets can be treated
 Flexible machine concept:     Can treat materials up to 3 metres wide
   Single or double sided treatment
   Highly customisable, fits any production line

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Our technical support team will be delighted to conduct a no obligation, free of charge process evaluation on your products. Simply send us a sample of your parts and we will evaluate the available surface treatment technologies and return treated parts to you for evaluation.

Please contact us to find out how Dyne Technology can help you or to request a quote.

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