Cross Hatch Cutter Adhesion Tester

Cross Hatch Cutter
Available in 3 sizes (1mm, 2mm & 3mm), the Cross Hatch Test Method is widely used to assess the adhesion of paint coatings and provides an instant assessment of the quality of the bond to the substrate.   The cross hatch test is a visual comparison method for paint and powder coatings up to a thickness of 250µm which is fast and easy to use. The coating is cut into small squares, thereby reducing lateral bonding, and the coating adhesion assessed against ISO, ASTM or Corporate Standards.

Cross Hatch Adhesion Test Kit – CC1000 Provides an instant assessment of coating adhesion. Simple but effective method that can be used on a variety of substrates.  The round cutting knife has eight cutting edges that can be changed easily by rotating the knife.  Can be used on multiple coatings. Precision-ground, hardened tool steel cutting blades with 6 cutting sides so when 1 cutting side becomes blunt there are a further 5 cutting sides to use.

Cross Hatch Adhesion Test Kit – CC2000 A Basic kit with a single cutting knife.  This simple kit will quickly determine the coating adhesion of a large variety of paints.  The cross hatch cutter can be purchased separately also for those on a tight budgets.  Directions for use: Make one cutting pass through to the substrate. This makes 6 cuts in the coating. A second pass at 90º makes a square lattice pattern. Apply Adhesive Tape over the cut lattice section & within 5 minutes remove tape. Classify the cut area with a Viewing Lens according to the relevant national standard classification guide. 

Cross Hatch Adhesion Test Kit with Guide Wheel – CC3000 Cross hatch cutter with a single cutting knife & wheel attached to ensure reproducible results.  Comes in a handy kit & suitable for measuring coatings up to 250 µm thick.  The cross hatch cutter can also be purchased separately if required. 

Complete kits  are supplied with viewing lens, brush  and tape

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