Laboratory Vacuum Plasma - The Portable Adhesion Solution

  • Laboratory Vacuum Plasma Unit
  • Laboratory Vacuum Plasma Unit

The Laboratory Vacuum Plasma unit is portable, small enough to fit onto a bench and is a cost effective solution to the problem of improving surface wettability.

The lab vacuum plasma unit is very simple to install and can be operational within minutes.  It only requires a 240 V, 13 Amp electrical supply and comes equipped with its own vacuum pump eliminating the need to hook up with any separate vacuum supply.

Featuring operator friendly, touch screen control it is quick & easy to learn and use.  The see-through door enables you to see your parts being treated in the large chamber.  All of the key parameters are adjustable (i.e. treatment power, time & vacuum level) allowing you to achieve total process control.


Plasma treatment improves the bond strength when gluing, printing or coating and improves overall wettability to a wide range of parts e.g.  optical lenses, catheters, cannulas, culture trays/dishes and a whole range of small metal and plastic components.

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