The Multipurpose Janome SCARA Robots JS and JSTH Series

  • Janome JS Series Servo SCARA robot
  • JSR4400 SCARA Robot
  • Janome SCARA Robot JS350TH
  • Janome Scara Robot JSR4400N

SCARA robots

The Janome Servo SCARA robot is a multipurpose robot for various applications, developed with sophisticated technology gained through years of experience and accumulated knowledge. Dyne Technology proudly introduces the JS Series the JSTH Series and the JSR series to all those wanting compact, low cost production lines, automatic and labour saving production, but still needing to maintain high productivity and quality.

High Speed Operation 

Utilising high power AC servo motors mounted on a high rigidity structure, we have achieved the perfect blend of high speed, flexibility and precision.

JS Series and JSTH Series SCARA robots

The JS and JSTH Series have a wide variety of models with the arm length ranging from 250mm to 1,000mm.  The JS Series SCARA robot has a double shaft and the JSTH Series a single shaft.  A variety of models also include clean room specification (class 10) models in the JS Series and long |-axis stroke models (300mm / 500mm) in the JSTH Series (the standard stroke is 200mm).

With the easy-to-use Janome's original system software common to all Janome robots, along with their high accuracy, high speed and wide work area, the JS and JSTH Series can help you automate your production site, improving productivity and product quality.

JSR Series SCARA robots

The combination of the pulse motor and microchip drive circuit makes the JSR4400N series an economical piece of machinery, while achieving high performance and minimal power consumption.  The compact design achieved by the original all-in-one structure with the built-in controller takes up little space and is easy to install.  Simple teaching can also help increase productivity.

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