The Janome Servo Press delivers high accuracy and high function

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JP4 Series Electro Press - The High Rigidity and Quality Servo Press for Assembly Automation

The Janome Electro Press is a high precision AC servo press that ensures operation data traceability as well as precise position and pressure control.  A variety of models with a pressing capacity from 0.5kN to 120kN are available.

The JP Series 4 has an extensive line-up comprising three types of models (stand-alone, head and unit types) that can be used for a variety of applications.  Its high performance is widely known especially in the automotive and high precision equipment manufacturing industries.

The AC servo motor drive system can provide a quieter, cleaner work environment compared with a hydraulic or pneumatic drive system.

The JP4 Series is an environmentally-friendly electric servo press which delivers improved quality, ensured safety and a cleaner environment.

Main Features

Large LCD Screen & User-Friendly Operation

An interactive operation system is employed with the switch panel and easily-viewable large LCD.  Displays languages and units of measure are changeable.

Clean, Energy-Saving and Safe

Driven by the AC servo motor, the Janome JP Series 4 Electro Press provides a quiet and clean work environment.  Consuming 10% - 20% less energy compared to pneumatic and hydraulic presses, the Electro Press can contribute to a total cost reduction as well as environmental conservation (ISO14000).  To ensure safety, all Electro Presses come equipped with an area sensor (light curtain) terminal as well as a fail-safe circuit.

High Accuracy and High Function

The AC servo motor, high precision ball screw and load cell deliver high accuracy and high function.

Variety Pressing Modes & Functions

Specialised processes can easily be handled with two or multiple section pressing (user programmable via a teaching pendant).  With precise positioning and adjustment capabilities, there is no need for making or adjusting high precision dies or jigs when changing set-ups or starting up new production lines.  Additionally the impact on the die is very low. 

The Janome JP Series 4 Electro Press can speed up your operations and improve productivity.

Load & Position Traceability, Complete Quality Control

The JP Series 4 Electro Press has a variety of sensor functions for load, position, distance and speed.  In the Sensor Load mode, the sampling function checks many load values including Peak, Bottom and Differential.  The Servo Press can be connected directly to a PC through the external interface, RS-232C; thus, all the data such as pressure curves and work results can be stored an organised in a PC (using optional software).  The Electro Press ensures traceability of products makes quality control easier and supports your compliance with ISO9000.

Self-Diagnosis Function

In case of a problem, an error message will be displayed so you can quickly locate and react to the problem.

Clean Room Type (only standard control box)

The clean room models with clean class 10 (0.3µm) specifications are also available.

Ethernet Link (Optional)

Up to 20 units of electro presses can be controlled with a computer via Ethernet.

Compact Control Box

The Compact Control Box is also available for installation to smaller spaces (except JPU-12004).

Useful Resources

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