Corona Syringe Treater - designed to improve the print quality onto disposable syringe barrels

  • Corona treatment of syringes
  • Examples of syringes treated with corona and untreated
  • Corona treatment of syringes
  • Corona treatment of syringes
  • Corona treatment of syringes

Our corona syringe treater is specially designed for optimizing the adhesion properties of printing inks onto disposable syringe barrels which are normally made from low surface energy polymer materials e.g. PE. The use of an array of highly durable ceramic electrode elements results in complete and uniform treatment of the entire circumference of the syringe barrel exterior surface. The syringe corona treatment system incorporates a High Frequency Corona Generator, High Voltage Transformers, Treating Station with multiple and highly durable ceramic electrode element sets and Ozone Filter system and can be installed in any high speed printing line.

Key features
•    360° syringe barrel non-contact treatment
•    Treatment of syringe barrels up to 200 mm length & 20 mm diameter.
•    Speed up to 600 syringes/minute.
•    Watt density control for automatic power regulation depending on speed.
•    No inside treatment avoiding plunger drag.
•    Treatment of a number of sizes without the need to change electrode set-up.
•    Uniform treatment over the entire exterior surface.

For further information on the Syringe Treater download the pdf below.

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The purpose of corona treatment is to optimise the adhesion properties on polymer-based materials. The low surface energy of polymer-based substrates often leads to poor adhesion of inks, glues and coatings which by nature present significantly high surface energies. To obtain optimum adhesion, it is crucial that the surface energy of the substrate is equal or higher than the surface energy of the material to be applied to the polymer.

Available in both standard in linear and radial designs and customised units.

Our technical support team will be delighted to conduct a no obligation, free of charge process evaluation on your products. Simply send us a sample of your parts and we will evaluate the available surface treatment technologies and return treated parts to you for evaluation.

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