Wide Web Corona Treaters

  • Wide web corona treatment
  • Wide web corona treatment
  • Wide web corona treatment
  • Wide web corona treatment
  • Wide web corona treatment

“DyneX” Wide Web Corona Treating Stations:

Proven innovative products and solutions that enhance productivity - and profitability.

“DyneX” Corona-Plus treaters are designed to give you high performance, high speeds, long life, production security and ease of use by your operators.

Built specifically to meet the high performance demands of the industry where the highest quality of surface treatment is essential. The treatment level on the films determines the adhesion properties of the ink or coating allowing it to make a perfect bond to the surface.

Fully factory assembled and pre-wired to guarantee fast and easy installation, the pre-assembled unit is 100% tested before shipment and delivered in “hard-case” packaging to guarantee that you will receive this high quality European product in perfect working order.

Built for 24 hour Production:
Taking advantage of the latest technology and manufactured from only tough and ozone resistant materials your treater is designed to guarantee your investment gives you long and trouble free service.

High up-time:
With its easy to remove electrode system housed in simple “pull-out/push-in” cartridge you will be able to clean and maintain your treater with the absolute minimum of downtime.

High Efficiency Electrodes:
The flexible design allows the treater to be fitted with a wide range of electrodes for optimum treating efficiency on all kinds of conductive and non-conductive films.

Future proofed design and construction:
Should your future needs change then the flexible design will allow you to upgrade the treater speed or treatment power in the future with the minimum of disruption and cost.

The unique design allows you to easily up-grade your treater from corona to plasma treatment by simply replacing the electrode cassette.

 Model Application  Web Widths  Standard Speed
 VE1A  Narrow Web  Up to 760mm  up to 150m/min
 VE1B  Extrusion – Single sided  from 600mm to 2500mm  up to 200m/min
 VE2B  Extrusion – Double sided  from 600mm to 2500mm  up to 150m/min
 VE1C  Print & Laminating – Single sided  from 600mm to 2500mm  up to 400m/min
 VE2C  Print / Laminating – Double sided  from 600mm to 2500mm  up to 600m/min
 VE1D  Converting – High Speed  Request  up to 600m/min
 VE1E  Coating  Request  up to 800m/min
 VE1F  Coating - High Speed  Request  up to 1000m/min
 VE1G  Coating - Very High Speed  Request  up to 1600m/min


“DyneX” Wide Web Corona-Plus Generators:

Uniform treatment is guaranteed

Generators that are equipped with a dynamic and accurate automatic power density control to ensure automatic adjustment of output power proportionally to the web speed. Guaranteed to deliver a uniform treatment level whatever the web speed (within its design limitations). The generator will automatically start and stop together with the production line.

Latest technology
Designed for high efficiency and low energy loss the computerised generator guarantees a wide power regulation band by taking advantage of IGBT, DPC and PWM technologies.

 Model Application  Web Widths
 CP0  OEM Generator  1 – 200 kW
 CP1  Print / Extrusion – Double sided  1 – 2 kW
 CP2  Print & Laminating – Single sided  3 – 5 kW
 CP3  Print / Laminating – Double sided  6 – 10 kW
 CP5  Converting – High Speed  12 – 40 kW
 CP7  Coating  50 – 80 kW

Our technical support team will be delighted to conduct a no obligation, free of charge process evaluation on your products. Simply send us a sample of your parts and we will evaluate the available surface treatment technologies and return treated parts to you for evaluation.

Please contact us to find out how Dyne Technology can help you or to request a quote.

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